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How to shave your face?

Shave, epilate, or wax. There are several ways to remove unwanted hair from the body. Probably the most pain-free way is shaving – very popular with boys, especially on the face. In the following article, we get to know about How to shave your face? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Do you feel the first whiskers sprout on the skin of your face? With these tips, you will become a shaving professional to shave your face! Are you already feeling the first whiskers sprouting on the skin of your face? With these tips, you will become a shaving professional!

Method No 1: the dry shave

Many men prefer the dry shave. It’s uncomplicated and quick: an electric razor and off you go. The dry shave is the better option to shave your face, especially for skin prone to acne, as the blade is sharper with a wet shave, moves deeper over the skin, and thus tears open pimples.

Another advantage: The risk of cutting yourself is largely eliminated.

One disadvantage: the skin can be more irritated and small pimples can develop.

Method number 2: the wet shave

The wet shave maybe a bit more complex, but it is also all the more thorough. The first thing you should do is wash your face with water to remove any soap or oil residue from your skin to shave your face. That would hinder the next step: the soaking of the hair. To do this, take a warm washcloth and press it on your face for about 30 seconds. You can get the same effect if you shower yourself with warm water before shaving. The softer your whiskers get, the easier it is to shave them.

First, distribute the shaving foam evenly over your face. Before shaving, make sure that the blade of your wet razor is sharp to shave your face. But beware! This also makes it easier for you to cut yourself. The shave will be even closer if you hold the skin on your face tight with your other hand to shave your face. Always in the direction of growth, you shave first the cheeks, then the neck, then the chin, and finally the upper lip. The blade should be rinsed every now and then.

In the end, all you have to do is remove the remaining shaving foam, dry your face with a towel and you’re done shaving to shave your face. Doesn’t your skin feel wonderfully soft?

Method number 3: waxing

Waxing is not a particularly pleasant method and should only be carried out by experts – we strongly advise against this without a specialist at your side to shave your face. The good thing: Since waxing removes the root of the hair, you are freed from annoying hair for three to six weeks, depending on the growth of your beard.

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