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How to stop puppy biting?

The owners of small cute puppies raised them early and are probably familiar with the problem. Puppies like to bite their owner and every soft thing. This behavior of puppies is annoying and painful because of their sharp teeth, and such behavior is undesirable in puppies and dogs. So, therefore it is essential to do something about it instead of being bitten by your puppies and dogs. N this post, we will explain how to stop puppy biting. But first of all, we should know why puppies bite anyway? What are the reasons?

Why do puppies bite?

While playing with puppies or dogs, they start biting and sometimes cough a pperson’shand and calf. Thus your four-legged friend should have to learn what is okay in the game and what’s not. Since our skin is much more sensitive than dogs’, the bites with sharp teeth are, of course, more painful for us. Therefore, the puppy must learn that he has to be more careful with people than with his fellow dogs.

Develop bite inhibition

As the owner of your four-legged friend, it is essential that you can touch your puppy anywhere without letting them bite you. This includes lightly biting your puppy because it is not estimated how hard it can bite without causing you pain or even injuring you.

In this context, keep in mind that puppies tend to be much rougher with each other. Therefore, your goal must be to completely wean your little four-legged friend from biting people and snapping at clothes. stop puppy biting This is the only way he can develop bite inhibition.

you can do a few things to change the animal’s behavior and get it used to bite

To do this, do the following:

  • Stop playing with the puppy as soon as it bites.
  • A loud “ouch” or a short scream signals that he has hurt you.
  • Ignore the puppy for a few minutes and turn away from him.
  • please do not pay him back attention until he accepts your behavior.

With these simple steps, your puppy will learn that biting is not part of playing with you. Most dogs internalize this pretty quickly. After all, they want to play with you and by no means want to be ignored.


Snapping and biting are parts of puppy development. Therefore, you have to actively promote your little dog’s bite resistance and teach him how to deal with people correctly.

Of course, this does not mean that you should be physical to the animal. Nevertheless, it is essential to be consistent and not tolerate even slight bites from the young animal. By stopping playing every time, most puppies can get rid of biting reasonably quickly.

And to protect your facility from the sharp teeth of your four-legged friend, we recommend that you should provide suitable alternatives in the form of chews and toys.

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