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How to make yogurt?

Let us get back to the old vintage days when the old ladies made every dairy item at their homes due to fresh ingredients nearby in the field. I feel proud to say that I belong to that time when things used to be pure without any artificial flavours and extracts. Our grannies and great grannies used to get milk from the livestock directly under their supervision and used it for the children to strengthen bones and as a rich source of calcium and iron.

Nowadays, no one has time to make such pure things at their house. Instead of making it now, people prefer to buy it from the market or some milk selling shop so that they may not have to suffer the hassle of making it.

Why people make yoghurt or curd at their home:

The major reason people prefer to make yoghurt at home is that the results are great, plus it is healthy. Everything and every process are done before your eyes, so it is better to assess the hygienic conditions. Another major reason might be the price factor. Yoghurt and other dairy products are becoming expensive day by day. So it would be great to save some bucks and enjoy making it home.

How to make yoghurt?

It is very easy to make yoghurt. You can follow these simple steps and make yoghurt of your desired consistency.

  • First of all, glaze the pan or pot with ice or rinse it with ice water.
  • Then add milk to it and place it on the stove to warm it. Make sure to check that the milk does not get too hot.
  • After that, take out half of the milk and let it cool. The other half of the milk has to remain boiling on the stove.
  • Make sure to keep on stirring so that lumps are not formed.
  • After that, add the milk that you took out. You will notice that it has become tangy and sour with lumps.
  • So add it to the boiling milk and give it a nice stir.
  • Cover it up with a damp cloth and place it somewhere warmer. People prefer to place it near a heated environment.
  • People place it above the fridge or in the oven.
  • Place it overnight for a better result. The more it rests, the better will be the yoghurt in taste and consistency.

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