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How to connect AirPods?

We live in such an era that is under revolution almost daily. New gadgets are introduced by the world’s famous companies, which become a trend after a few months. There was a time people used headphones to talk and listen to music. There are a fraction of people who are still using headphones. The worst part of using them is the entangling of wires which is the most annoying feature, and the chances of damage to wire increase by ten folds. In the following article, we get to know about How to connect AirPods? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Therefore these companies invented the Bluetooth wireless devices, which became a trend almost 2 decades ago. People, especially office workers, started to use it, but it did not look good on people who were normal users. Then came the AirPods introduced by the company Apple, a giant in the world of mobile phones. Airpods were very convenient to wear and easily concealable in the ear. It looked trendy as well. Therefore copies of the original started to appear, and now almost every person, whether an iphone user or not, has AirPods attached to their ears.

Airpods are also Bluetooth devices made by Apple. Thereby the name is a bit different. The best part of Airpods is that they can be connected to any device. This means there is no compulsion to use them only with an iPhone. You can attach it to Android phones or tablets as well. Airpods do not need any pin to charge. The case in which they are enclosed is a chargeable battery for them. This is again an innovative thing in iPhone AirPods.

How to connect the AirPods?

We will discuss both the view of connecting the AirPods with iPhone and Android devices. So let us go into the details:

  • First, check if your phone’s screen is awake or not.
  • If it is awake, you will have to take the AirPods near your phone and open the case.
  • Then, the option “Connect” will appear on the phone’s screen.
  • You will click on it, and voila! There you go.

If you wish to connect the AirPods with the android phone, then the following steps are to be followed:

  • You will have to open the Bluetooth of your Android device, which you will find out in the settings option in the subheading “connections.”
  • Then you will do the same. Bring your AirPods near the phone and open the cover of the case.
  • Then hold the reset button, which is present on the backside.
  • Then if it has been reset, you will see the sparkling white light for yourself.
  • AirPods will appear in the list of active Bluetooth devices.
  • Could you select it and enjoy using it?

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