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How to make fluffy slime?

Many playing things are very useful for kids, even for creative playing. They can use them in learning as well as entertaining activities. However, it also builds and is helpful for the kids’ cognitive abilities. In the following article, we get to know about How to make fluffy slime? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Many things are used for the character and creative building like play dough, slime, clocks, puzzles, etc. It is very useful from all the aspects for the kids. Moreover, watching or playing games by sitting idle mostly affects the eye’s sight and makes the person or child lazy. 

Furthermore, some of the stuff can be made at home with simple ingredients present in the house. Slime is one of them that you can be prepared easily at home. Do you also want to try to make it at home? Let’s discuss how can you do this.

Method to make fluffy slime

You can follow the steps if you want to make fluffy slime easily at home with simple ingredients.

1- Three simple ingredients are used, and are 1 bottle of simple white glue mostly used in the schools.

2- Add two tablespoons of washing detergent, or you can use saline solution.

3- Add 1-2 cups of shaving cream to make it fluffy. 

4- You can also add the colour of your choice, and even you can mix it with different colours as well.

5- The mixing of the material is very easy. Take glue and add colour if you want to add it. And them mix it well.

6- After adding colour add the saline solution into it. Shaving cream makes it slimmer. The amount of the cream decides the consistency. The less you add it, the slimier it will be; otherwise, it gets rigid. 

7- So don’t add the shaving cream at once. Add some and mix it until its consistency gets non-sticky. Knead it properly to make it smoother and non-sticky.


Fluffy slime is very playful, and it’s fun when you are playing with it because it is much smoother and soft. Kids can be much creative and enhance their mental capability by doing different things. It is one of the innovative tools of the modern age for kids. The steps mentioned above will help you to make slime at home easily. If you live in a region with a hot climate, you can keep the dirt in the refrigerator for a while until it gets non-sticky. For further details and queries, mention your comment below.

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