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How to remove lice from hair Permanently?

As this year I have won the war against lice, sorry, the first battle, I have become almost an expert on the subject and I would like to share with you information on how to get rid of these annoying intruders. I know that many of you know, but there are always certain curiosities that can help us for the next battle. In the following article, we get to know about How to remove lice from hair Permanently? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

How head lice are spread

They spread from head to head, but not by jumping like we usually think. Lice do not fly or jump, they just run, and they run a lot by the way. In children, contagion is frequent because they share hats, combs, scarves, etc. besides playing together and putting their heads together.

And following that of “they prefer blondes” lice prefer them clean, that is, they look for clean hair and, if possible, of children and adolescents, although they do not disgust adults.

How to get rid of lice permanently

There are several methods to eliminate lice, some more chemical as if they were insecticides and others more natural as if it were “the fly swatter” that crushes them, I summarize and detail:

Permethrin 1.5%

With  Permethrin 1.5%. It would be something like “the insecticide” to remove lice from hair Permanently. So, this is one that health professionals usually prescribe in the first place since it is recommended as the first option by the WHO. It is a synthetic chemical substance with minimal toxicity. A single application of 1% permethrin lotion is associated with a 97-99% cure rate ( Source: IQB ). It can be used in children older than 2 years (always consult the pharmacist). Pharmacy products with permethrin for this use are OTC and Gobi. Its price will depend on the package you choose, since they are usually accompanied by shampoo after the lotion, or with conditioner, with cleanser, etc. They range from 10 to 24 approximately to remove lice from hair Permanently.

In its technical datasheet, it is stated that some are suitable for children over 1 year, pregnant and lactating women to remove lice from hair Permanently.

Benzyl Alcohol

It would be like suffocating them with oil through their noses. The combination of its active ingredients, benzyl alcohol, and mineral oil, allows a synergistic action with a novel mechanism of action that physically blocks the respiratory system of lice. As it is a mechanical mechanism, resistance cannot be generated, so it is recommended in persistent cases (children who no longer have the permethrin effect to remove lice from hair Permanently). It is suitable for children from 12 months. Gobi Antipiojos Lotion Nature, price approx.  21. Gobi Online Products

Natural remedies

As our mothers did with us years ago, vinegar, apple cider vinegar, etc.

My experience

In my case, I have verified the effectiveness of vinegar to remove lice from hair Permanently. Applied directly to the head (preferably diluted) and left to act for an hour with a plastic cap, it has killed all the lice on one of our heads to remove lice from hair Permanently. I know that it has no scientific basis and that it is not proven, but as I was saying, in my case it works and so many of our mothers did when we were little, in addition to the Famous Five to remove lice from hair Permanently.

I have also read several times about the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar, diluted in two parts of water, but I have not verified it to remove lice from hair Permanently. Of course, using vinegar is much cheaper than other remedies, for less than 1 euro you can “clean” 4 or 5 heads, but of course, it is more annoying and having the children sprayed with vinegar is quite unpleasant to remove lice from hair Permanently.

Also several essences are recommended but I think they serve more to prevent the appearance of lice. Tea tree essence, neem oil, lavender, citronella, and geranium essence. These are found in herbalists and also in some shampoos and lotions, but be careful, you have to look at the concentration. You can mix 10 drops of the essence with the usual shampoo and apply. It can also be applied to the conditioner, leave a few minutes and rinse to remove lice from hair Permanently.

Tips to avoid lice

  • Carefully examine your children’s hair and scalp when combing, parting, drying hair, etc.
  • Although the preferred place to stay is in the nape and behind the ears. When you check them, do it all over the head.
  • Tell them not to share hats, scarves, brushes, and combs. Because telling them not to put their heads. Together to play is going to be practically impossible.
  • Do not use pediculicidal products for preventive purposes. Because they can be ineffective in the long term. Due to the appearance of resistance. To prevent the use of the repellants. And if you really find any lice or nits, use the methods previously indicated.

  • You can also prevent it by mixing 10-15 drops of tea tree oil in 2 cups of water. Use a spray bottle to spray hair, furniture, clothing, stuffed animals, etc to repel lice.
  • You can use a  mobile application of Gobi with an alert system and help to stop visitors.
  • Check their heads every week, maybe not yesterday but today.
  • Fundamental: if one of your children can have them, the rest of the family ALSO. Very important, check and treat all family members.

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