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How to measure bra size?

In the following article, we get to know about How to measure bra size?


  1. The décolleté changes a lot throughout life, so the best way to choose a bra is to try, try, try!
  2. To know precisely the size, it is necessary to measure around the underbust, then making sure that the band adheres well and that the straps give the proper support.
  3. For the cup, however, you need to measure the circumference at the height of the nipple. The cup must embrace the breast and support it without being too narrow or too broad.
  4. There are different breasts, and the perfect cup also depends on that, so it is good to know which type you belong to choose the most suitable model!

It is a precious ally that accompanies us every day, but how to choose the size and cup of the bra? As many as 20% of women wear one that does not fit their shape! Juggling between sizes and models is not easy at all. Still, it is essential to understand how to choose the size and cup of the bra to avoid repercussions on health: in fact, inadequate underwear can create back problems, especially for women with a generous décolleté, reaching also cause headaches, breathing difficulties and even stomach pain!  So beauties, are you ready to find out how always to choose your bra size and cup to be comfortable and super feminine? Keep reading the post!


Often, when we talk about choosing a bra size and cup, we forget that it is, above all, a matter of endless trials! It should be borne in mind that for life, our décolleté changes considerably – think, for example, of the differences between your adolescent breasts compared to those of adults to measure bra size, during and after pregnancy

To choose the perfect bra, it is necessary to know the measurements of the underbust and the breast, corresponding to the size and cup of your bra.

It is sufficient to use a standard tape measure and place it immediately under the breast to obtain the size – in Italy, they generally range from the first to the tenth – and at the nipple level for the cup – indicated with a letter.

For the measurements, my advice is to get help from someone who has the experience and knows how to advise you on your choice, especially if you are buying the bra after a long time – even if, as you know, they should be periodically replaced. If you prefer online shopping, don’t forget to make sure you can change sizes or return your purchases!

Bottom Line

If taking the measurements precisely can help us understand how to choose the size and cup of the bra, we must not forget other small checks to complete our bra fitting perfectly.

First of all, the band must adhere well to the skin, without pulling: for it to be perfect, we should put a finger under the bra. Also, if the right size, it should tie on the first hook (at least when new).

Finally, beauties, do not forget the importance of the shoulder pads: if you find red grooves on the shoulders at the end of the day, the cup and size measurements are wrong, and the support is given only by the shoulder pads. Likewise, they don’t have to be too loose. Otherwise, only the band will support your curves. 

Remember, the bra should stay mid-back and not shift throughout the day. If not, you will have to double-check the measurements taken or maybe adjust the straps!

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