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How to whiten teeth?

1. No to “enemies of white”

Coffee, tea, red wine, Coca-Cola, licorice: there are numerous foods and drinks that go to ruin the enamel of the teeth and spot them more easily. In this article, we read about How to whiten teeth?

Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to give it up completely: you can, rather, adopt some useful tricks. First, try to brush your teeth every time you take any of these substances, so as not to leave the colored food or drink in contact with the tooth surface for too long. The most willing and patient can opt for the use of a straw to drink carbonated drinks or colored fruit juices.

Also, remember that smoking is the main culprit of yellow and brown stains on your teeth: quitting would obviously be the best choice for your health but to whiten teeth, if you really can’t, at least try to limit the damage by brushing your teeth after a cigarette.

2. Professional or home whitening

If you want to have a beautiful white smile, remember to see your dentist regularly! With a deadline that he himself will indicate, in fact, you can carry out whitening treatments to remove stains and/or to keep your teeth white.

If you do not have enough time and want to invest a smaller budget, you can also opt for home whitening treatments: in addition to whitening toothpaste, there are in fact strips to be applied on the two arches and also real whitening kits that are used to make the smile clearer.

These treatments are obviously less effective than those of dentists but can still lead to visible results.

3. More strawberries and lemon!

In addition to being tasty, strawberries are friends of our teeth! They contain malic acid, a substance that helps remove surface stains, especially when combined with other whitening ingredients such as baking soda. You can create real “dental scrubs” by crushing strawberries and spreading them on the teeth, leaving the red mess on for about a minute.

Another friend of the white smile is lemon: thanks to its natural corrosive properties, it is in fact able to naturally remedy dental stains.. You can use the juice of half a lemon (with the addition of a pinch of baking soda for an even more intense effect) by dipping the bristles of the toothbrush, and then rubbing it along the dental arches for a couple of minutes, as is done during regular tooth brushing.

But be careful: all these substances exert an aggressive action on the dental surface, which is why it is good not to repeat them too frequently since they can seriously damage the enamel of our teeth to whiten teeth (the ideal would be not to repeat the application more than once or twice a month).

4. Have proper oral hygiene

It might seem obvious but it is not: brushing your teeth correctly is essential to ensure that they are white and clean.

Remember to wash them regularly, at least twice a day and for two minutes, perhaps using an electric toothbrush that makes cleaning much easier and faster, and helping yourself with dental floss or a water jet to clean the spaces between tooth and tooth. If you want more information on the oral hygiene tools that best suit your needs to whiten teeth, remember to take a look at our guide to buying an electric toothbrush and water jet. 

The manual toothbrush is still able to help you keep your teeth clean and healthy, but electric devices are certainly more long-lived, practical, and useful especially for all those who have difficulty handling the toothbrush correctly, or are lazy and prefer to let it do it all by itself!

In conclusion

Remember that, after all, a few (but constant!) Precautions are necessary to obtain and maintain a healthy, white, and beautiful smile to look at. And most importantly, remember to smile often!

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