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How to paint a room?

If you want to give your house a chance, specifically a room, we will show you the instructions to paint the walls and make them perfect. In the following article, we get to know about How to paint a room? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

How to paint a room?

Spring and summer are the best seasons to paint the house, especially since the paint dries faster thanks to the weather. Previously, we already showed you how to paint a home, but we want to be a little more specific, and in this article, we will talk about rooms. 

Remember that painting a room is not just dipping the roller in the paint and running it through the wall. It takes an inevitable process. The first part is the choice of colour. If you know something about the psychology of colour, you will know that colours stress, others that make you nervous and others that relax, for example. For more information to paint a room, we help you choose the colours that best suit you.

Ideas for painting walls: some colours:

  • Black is not the best choice for painting the bedroom. On other surfaces or textiles, black is synonymous with elegance. But on the walls, over time, it can end up depressing you.
  • Red is a too stimulating colour, and although it might be a good idea at first, you will quickly get tired of this colour. 
  • The shades of blue are an excellent proposal to paint the bedroom. It is a colour that induces physical and mental relaxation.
  • Yellow has properties that eliminate depression, it does not produce stimulation, and it encourage communication. It is ideal if combined with white, making a perfect colour combination for your bedroom walls.
  • The same thing happens with violet as with blue and some shades of light green. It has calming effects. Some experts assure that it is ideal for reducing insomnia.
  • White is a classic and stimulates neurons, and it can be said that it is the right colour for those places where we spend more time.
  • Pastel tones and light colours create a feeling of relaxation. 

How to prepare a room for painting:

We will remove all objects that can move and those that are hanging on the wall. We will try to gather all the furniture in the centre of the room and cover it with plastic. In this way, we will have space to move. If not, we can take some furniture out of the bedroom for greater comfort. We must also cover the floor to protect it, for which we can use newspaper. We must remember that if the bedroom does not have too much space, the colour should be the lighter, the better. Thus, the decoration for a small room may have more elements than if it has another colour to paint a room.

Once the room is protected, it is time to defend ourselves. For this reason, we will put on old clothes that we will not use anymore. We can also use a disposable jumpsuit or jumpsuit to paint and a mask to paint a room. Remember that care must be taken with the type of paint used since some can cause allergic reactions. You have to make sure that the base material that the colour has is not allergens, nor can it cause effects on our health at any time. In this case, since it is wall paint, we usually talk about water-based paints, which do not have any danger to paint a room.

Once the bucket, brush, roller and protection systems are prepared, we can paint the room.

Steps to know how to paint a room:

  • Cover small details that you have forgotten, such as plugs, door frames and doorknobs, baseboards, etc. We can do it with what is known as masking tape or painter’s tape. It is a very versatile and affordable adhesive paper tape.
  • Clean the walls well and remove all dust or dirt that they may have. It is something that must be done dry. After that, we will use flexible putty to eliminate any cracks or imperfections that the wall may have. When it is dry, we will use an orbital sander to smooth the surface properly. If we do not have a sander, a wooden block wrapped in supremely soft sandpaper will suffice.
  • We will remove the dust produced by the sander or by the sandpaper block that we have prepared. We must do it with a slightly damp cloth to catch the dust.
  • When the wall has dried, it is time to apply the water fixing primer. This will help the paint adhere better to the surface.

Bottom Line

  • If we paint the walls in different colours, we will use masking tape to mark the boundaries. In this case, we must make sure that it is completely straight so that a good result remains. The same happens if we want to paint the same wall in two different colours (upper and lower), something quite common in children’s rooms.
  • With the paint in the bucket and the walls prepared, we will start by dipping the roller a little in the paint and spreading it on the wall, trying not to go beyond the limit established by the masking tape. We will go through the roller well, covering the entire surface of the wall until it is completely covered.
  • We can do the job with a brush for areas where the roller does not fit or paint well. This way, the site to be painted will be perfect.
  • When we have covered the walls with the paint, we will remove the masking tape and dry the paint. When it is dry, we can take care of the small details, such as areas that have not been completely covered, etc.
  • Now, when everything is completely dry and ventilated, you just have to remove the newspaper and plastic, put everything back and enjoy the new room.

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