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How to open a can without a can opener?

When it is necessary to open metal cans with canned food or open glass jars with homemade preparations (for example, in nature), but without an opener, people begin to act most suddenly. Unfortunately, most of the methods used result in deterioration of the contents of the container and even injuries. But practice shows that there are still effective methods. Moreover, they are straightforward, affordable, and easy to implement even under most Spartan conditions. The main thing is that you need to be very careful so that even the most minor dust, glass, or metal particles will not mix with the tank’s contents.

Method of contacting the tank

Contrary to popular belief, the easiest way is to open the tin can. You don’t need to try to flatten it between two stones or heat it in a fire (oven). I hope the metal becomes more malleable. It is best to use one of the following methods:

Using a spoon to open a can without a can opener

We mount the container on a robust and stable surface, hold it with one hand and a metal spoon with the other hand (plastic, aluminum, wood, and other fragile materials will not be usable). Place the tip of the round part of the spoon as close as possible to the side of each jar. The position of the scoop should be such that its convex portion is on the outside of the pot, not towards its center. Pressing the tool, we started to move it back and forth as if it was swaying. Continue until the thin metal of the lid can be wiped completely. Then, we carry the spoon and repeat our actions to “cut out” a new hole in the top. Therefore, we will continue to work until a line that allows you to open the container is formed.

Using a chefs knife to open a can without a can opener

With the help of a chef’s knife. In this case, you need to place the jar on a flat and stable surface near the waist. It is strictly forbidden to pinch the container between your legs to avoid severe cuts. The blade of the knife must be hefty. Otherwise, it will be unusable. We put the tool on the part where the blade is attached to the handle and then put the bottom (opposite the tip) on the tin can, as close to the side as possible. We began to put pressure on the equipment in an attempt to pierce the metal. After making the holes, we move to the new part, which separates the first part as close as possible. Therefore, we work on the entire circumference of the lid until it can be opened.

Tip: Everyone knows that before opening a container, you must wipe it thoroughly with a slightly damp cloth to clean it. Then it is recommended to dispose of the lid until it is scorched. If moisture remains on the metal surface, the tool may slip and cause injury.

Using a standard knife to open a can without a can opener

We hold the knife in one hand, put it vertically on the jar’s lid, and hold the handle several times in the other hand. Now We won’t play too hard. You need to make a hole. We make such holes on the circumference and make them as close as possible. After that, pick up the lid with the tip of a knife and open the container.

Using a piece of concrete 

The most primitive but quite effective method. We choose a rough stone, press the jar from above, start rubbing with light pressure, and move it along the periphery. Now We do this until the liquid in the container drips onto the stone, which will mean that the metal has been sufficiently worn away. We immediately turned the product over, hooked the lid with a knife or sharp object, and then tried to open it. Considering that the material will become thinner, this will not cause problems.


It is strictly forbidden to try to penetrate the tin can with a knife. This will destroy its edges, and metal shavings will enter the food. It is best to perform a precise puncture. This method will take longer but is safer and more practical.

How to open the homemade preserves in the jar?

If necessary, metal cans with metal lids can be opened even without a corkscrew. It would help if you did not try to pierce the material with your teeth or a knife. It is best to use the following methods:

  • You can use ordinary pliers and use them like a corkscrew, but you need to be careful not to damage the glass.
  • A more convenient, quick, and less risky way to open cans with your elbows. We place the container on a table or other stable surface, and if someone can hold it, it can provide more fixing effects. Then we slammed the jar with our elbows, trying to bend the lid slightly. You don’t need to work hard. The subject will give in completely without any problems. First of all, it is worth hitting the steel surface with your elbow to understand how to hit it to minimize discomfort.

There is another quite effective method, but it requires accuracy and more time. We put down the container’s lid, turned it over, and put it on the table. Using a knife with a sharp end, we started to press the bottle. With one hand and bend the lid away from the glass. We will work hard and try not to scratch the glass. We pass along the circumference or at least half a circle. Next, carefully turn the jar over and remove the lid without resistance.

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