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How to make tamales?

How to make tamales: To satisfy our taste buds, we love to taste new food every day, but at the same, we never forget our traditional meals. Whether food or any culture, the things at the conventional level are to be loved and followed without any objections. In the golden era, traditional fare that our grandparents made was fully seasoned with love and hard work. When there was limited machinery and facilities to cook, they still made lovely, time-consuming food for their children. The traditional tastes move on with the growing up generations.

How to make tamales?

Likewise other dishes, tamales are traditional food baked in corn leaves with corn dough seasoned with the meat. Mostly, the seasoned beef is lard which is the reason for an increase in saturated fats in the body (if overeaten), resulting in weight gain and other diseases related to excessive saturated fats.

You can customize this dish by adding meat you want like pork, chicken, beef, mutton, whatever. And the best thing about this is you can freeze it for a long time. It will never taste bad. They will taste as delicious and fresh as it was at the time when made fresh. Now, it’s time to share my recipe for tamales with you. This is quite simple and amazingly delicious.


Listed below are the ingredients you need to make yummilicious tamales:

  • Corn Husk 
  • Corn oil
  • Stock Of whatever meat you choose 
  • Baking powder 
  • Salt 
  • Pepper 
  • Cumin powder

Masa Dough ingredients:

  • Shortening 1 cup 
  • Masa Harina (corn flour refined gluten-free) 3 cup

Follow the steps to make tamales 

  1. Dip the corn husk in water.
  2. Make the chicken broth.
  3. Make corn dough, also known as masa.
  4. To make the dough, only two ingredients are needed. Shortening and masa Harina
    (gluten-free refined corn flour) Add both and beat in a bowl to make it fluffy and light. Do a floating test in a glass of water. If it floats in water then, the dough is ready to cook. If it doesn’t flow then, beat again till it reaches the proper consistency.
  5. After cooking the dough, assemble them.
  6. Place the husk on the bottom.
  7. Add masa paste on the top.
  8. Season it with fillings and sauces. (For the filling, whatever meat you choose. I’m adding chicken here. Take the shredded chicken and season it with any spices you love. You can use the leftover chickens, too but in shredded form. Sauces for the tamales can be red salsa sauce, green salsa sauce, or chipotle. 
  9. Wrap it tightly.
  10. Steam or bake it for 45mints to 1 hr.

Try this recipe to have tasty tamales on Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners.

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