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How to make a compass in Minecraft?

An open world in a video game can be a huge pull factor for many players, especially when the world immerses you in it, is aesthetically pleasing, and has authentic characters to fill it. Also, many think that the bigger, the better, as it adds a lot to explore and discover new areas of the game and How to make a compass in Minecraft? With this in mind, many think of finding an adventure or seeing landscapes they have never seen by getting lost in a forest or new terrain, like in games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But this isn’t true for all games, as many people often believe that creating a large game with beautiful landscapes can contribute to something.

If that’s what the game is about, maybe some people find it some charm, but the reality is that people tend to look for something to interact with within a game.

When the player walks around finding nothing, they likely end up feeling a great deal of dissatisfaction with the experience, which is why we’ve seen many games focus on filling these spaces with different things that can add to the game’s overall experience. Video game.

The Concepts to make a compass in Minecraft

An open-world game that successfully applies all of these concepts is Minecraft, which is mainly available for computers. However, it is also possible to download and install it for mobile devices with Android or iOS as it is a game that can get big enough to explore and always has things to do, such as fighting nocturnal creatures, building notable buildings, making a magical beacon with light, surviving twilight, or even making horse stables or earned in Minecraft.

Much of the charm lies in the ability to go into the unknown to find new resources, animals, or other characters to interact with. But when we talk about a map as large as Minecraft’s, the question arises of how to proceed with localization within the entire game? Well, the answer is straightforward, and it is a compass.

How is a compass built?

When you are on a large map like Minecraft. It is customary to urge you to go to a nearby area. And get lost in all the trees or the sea. In the early stages of your game. This will happen almost without thinking about it. But it can fix the problem of getting lost when you more advanced in the game.

Once you have a home or base from which to do your various activities. And store your belongings and get lost. You can have trouble moving to that place.

For this, you can make a compass, pointing to where we first appeared in the game. Or to the bed we slept in the last time to end up. We were a precious item for players starting to play.

To produce a compass, we only need four cast iron and red stone or Redstone. It is placing the latter in the center of the iron. And pig worktop in the four corners of the worktop. This should give us a good compass pointing to the correct origin point from the beginning.

How to use magnetite to make a compass in Minecraft?

Suppose you travel or create a portal in Minecraft to another dimension, such as the End of the Nether. In that case, you may notice that your compass starts spinning uncontrollably. As we are not in the same dimension as our point of origin.

To solve this problem, we can use a magnet to magnetize a compass that points it. Which we can also do for landmarks in any world.

Magnetite comprises a nephrite ingot and eight chiseled stone bricks. And you can place this block anywhere. Magnetize your compass, and go anywhere without fear of getting lost again.

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