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How to check Zong number?

Zong network leaves no stone unturned to win the heart of the masses. It has become amazingly popular among Pakistanis due to its free network service all over the country. Hence, people of all ages get the optimum benefit of it and stay connected with their loved ones. How to check Zong number It comes up with exciting packages for Facebook and WhatsApp, which are free to use. Due to such services, it has gained impressive hype among students. 

Different Methods to Check Zong Number

If you have a Zong sim at home and you forgot its number. Then, do not panic! The solution is here! There are multiple fabulous ways to find out your Zong number. Choose the highly suitable method and get to know the Zong number within seconds. Let us view these methods:

Method 1 

The most commonly used method to check Zong numbers is the dial code method. Open up the dial pad on your phone. Now, dial the code *100# and now press the call button. The system will start processing. Wait a little bit. After certain seconds, the user will get the Zong sim number on the screen in the form of a pop-up message. 

Method 2 

Take the smartphone in hand and dial the code *8#. Now hit the call button and wait. Zong sim number will appear immediately on your device screen. Record it on the notepad or any other place for further use. 

Method 3

In this method, the user has to take the assistance of the Messages app. Open the messaging app by tapping its icon. Now, send the message to 667 and type MNP in the text option. The reply would be a variety of details. The user will get a variety of details such as:

  • Sim owner address
  • CNIC number
  • Sim owner name
  • Sim number

Hence, in this way, you can get to know multiple details about your Zong sim. Although it comprises a variety of details, it is free to use. 

Method 4

PTA is the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. It has come up with another exciting method to check the Zong number. The user uses the online system to get to know about Zong numbers with ease. The method includes the opening up of the site It will require the CNIC number of the user. Enter your CNIC number in it with extreme care and click on the button to submit. You will get to know the phone number details. 

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All of these Zong number checking methods have their own significance. People can check their Zong numbers with any of these methods. If any of your friends or neighbors have forgotten their Zong sim number, then you can help them out quite quickly. These are highly reliable and accurate methods that offer quality services to users within no time. When no method comes to your mind at the time of need, then you can go through the option of Zong helpline. Call the Zong helpline and inquire about your Zong number from them. Quite simple and convenient!



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