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How much does botox cost?

How much does botox cost? Light botox is the new technique used to look younger but not retouched because it is not invasive. I went to Milan to a well-known specialist in plastic surgery for a fact-finding visit, and I will tell you my experience and what I have understood. And of course, I also talked about prices and also snatched an offer for my readers.

How much does botox cost? I have aged, and worst of all, I feel aged. This year I turned 40, and I lost a lot, so on my face – which has always been full – I saw wrinkles appear under and on the side of the eyes, two furrows that start from the nose and surround the mouth, bags, and dark circles that do not go away even afterward—a good sleep.

I noticed it recently, thanks to the stories on Instagram (it is no coincidence that there are filters!), Because when you look in the mirror, you are still, and you do not see those signs that “emerge” when you talk, laugh, and move your face. 

It’s true that sooner or later, it has to happen to get old … especially if you have two girls who do not let you sleep.

But it is also true that today thanks to fillers, botox, and vitamins, cosmetic surgery is so far ahead that it is more correct to call it aesthetic medicine.

Today, aesthetic medicine has become so minimally invasive that, if done right, it is perfectly natural. Have you ever been in the waiting room of a cosmetic surgeon? I assure you that it is a constant coming and going, like at the dentist.

In the meantime, let’s do some clarity.

Botox, fillers, hyaluronic acid: what are the differences, and where are they used?

Beautiful woman. Isolated over white.

If you are wondering the difference between botox and hyaluronic acid, know that:

  • Botox has a “paralyzing” action, therefore preventing the muscles from contracting too much,  thus avoiding highlighting wrinkles.
  • The second, hyaluronic acid, also commonly called filler, gives a filling effect (and when you exaggerate, you immediately notice why the faces become swollen and pulled like wax masks if you see…).

I recently made a fact-finding visit to the plastic surgeon, Dr. Riccardo Lucchesi, who visits Milan, Cremona, and Piacenza. I have overwhelmed him with questions that I will answer in this post. He told me about a minimally invasive technique that is becoming the most popular: light botox.

Attention: I will also answer many people ask: how much does it cost to get botox injections in Milan?

I wondered why I also happened to see some cosmetic surgery offers on Groupon with meager prices.

And I wondered, of course, if we can trust it or not because the savings are considerable… but let’s go in order.

Afraid of pinpricks? Is it wrong to get injections from a cosmetic surgeon?

Do you know what scares me most about these pricks? Not the pain, which is more than bearable since the part is pre-treated with an anesthetic cream (I also put one on when I did the microblading on the eyebrows, a technique where they make many cuts with a small blade to tattoo micropellets on the eyebrow). The thing that scares me the most, or should I say embarrassed, is when people say to me: “But have you done something? “.

An excellent facial should be invisible and visible only to those who know us well who will inevitably notice something different in us because we will suddenly look younger.

It happened to me with my cousin, who I see once in a while. I didn’t ask him, but I’m sure he did something. And not because she was swollen or had her face twisted like those “cat women” you see now and then on TV or the street. She was simply younger as if she had gone five years back in time.

Today’s news is Light Botox: what is it, and how much does a session cost in Milan?

This zero invasive technique gives a smoother face, reducing the wrinkles that inevitably form with age and repeating the same expressions thousands of times. It is botox but in a lighter form, precisely light.

A light botox session makes you immediately look younger and more rested. No puffiness, facial distortion with raised eyes and protruding cheekbones, etc. It only works on wrinkles, while the contours of the face will remain the same. Here is an example of one of the works carried out by Doctor Lucchesi. I would say the improvement is impressive.

And now let’s talk about prices: a session in Milan costs on average between 300 and 600 euros depending on the area to treat and by those who puncture us (fame, experience, curriculum, etc.). One vial typically uses for each treatment.

  • The filler (or hyaluronic acid) on the nose and lips costs on average 300 euros per area to treat. So if we wanted to remove the hump from the nose and enlarge the lips and reduce some of those wrinkles that start from the nose and go down to the sides of the mouth, we would spend about 600 euros  (then it always depends on how many wrinkles one has. only the professional can rate it).
  • Botox in the eyes for the so-called crow’s feet. Or to reduce forehead wrinkles always costs around 300 euros per area to treat. So if we wanted to remove the wrinkles around the eyes and give a “smooth” to the forehead. We would spend around 600 euros.
  • If we wanted to rejuvenate all the face (therefore botox + filler) instead. The right price of a session in Milan could be between 600 and 1000 euros.

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