Difference between HTML and html5

Difference between html and html5

HTML and HTML 5 are the programming languages of the website. HTML is the acronym of hypertext markup language. It is indeed the primary language that was developed for representing the data on the web pages. Difference between html and html5 HTML comes up in a variety of versions. One of the latest versions of HTML is HTML 5. It is well known for its unique functionalities and compatibility with markup language to boost internet technologies. 


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The new programmers often feel difficulty in comprehending what makes HTML different from HTML 5. You can become a better programmer when you use the most convenient and durable approaches for websites. Be vigilant to know these and ensure a clear idea about the significant differences of these to use these most rationally.

Multimedia Support

HTML is among the pioneers, and hence it does not comprise any support for audio and video. It is supportive and compatible with the text-only. In the case of HTML 5, there is entire support available for both audio and video. Hence, web developers incline much towards HTML 5 to make the website much more trendy, stylish, and functional.

Storage: Difference between html and html5

Storage is of keen concern. Indeed, it is the feature that often proves to be a deciding factor for web pages. HTML browser is the one that comes up with the feature of temporary storage. It leads to temporary storage through the use of cache memory. HTML 5 offers enormous fabulous opportunities and comes up with plenty of exciting storage options. The worthiest storage options of HTML 5 are web storage, SQL database, and application cache.

HTML stores the data through the use of cookies. Hence, the users often receive the notification of pop-up messages for cookie acceptance. HTML 5 does not take the assistance of cookies for storing the data. Indeed, it utilizes local storage for storing the data.

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Browser Compatibility

HTML works amazingly well on all browsers. It is because it is the one that is present for so long. Moreover, the browsers seem compatible with HTML and make the necessary modification for supporting the features of HTML. As HTML 5 is the new version, all the browsers are not compatible with it. There are quite a few browsers that support HTML 5 and reflect compatibility to it to various extents. However, it often modifies or removes the tags of HTML 5.

Graphics Support: Difference between html and html5

In HTML, tools such as VML, Adobe Flash, and Silver Light are responsible for granting the vector graphics. It has to take the assistance of such tools for getting the graphic support. But in the case of HTML, all such features are present by default. It does not take the assistance of any tool for graphics support.

Shapes and Codes

The HTML coding is quite long and complex, and hence the chances of mistakes enhance. However, in the case of HTML 5, the codes are much simpler and more accessible. The creation of different geometrical shapes such as triangles, rectangles, and circles is impossible in HTML. While, in HTML 5, one can create as many shapes as he likes. The creation of shapes does not cause any hassle.